Who Are We ?

CMDR Head_Case

The owner of this website and largely responsible for most of the chaos around here. One of the relatively few holders of the Outlander Challenge Gold award which is given out to CMDRs mad enough to delete their main account and make the trip to Colonia (from Sol 22,000Ly) in a stock Sidewinder. After a while you don't even notice the 17Ly jumps!

Now resident in Colonia and having recently returned from a trip to Beagle Point (and Ishums Reach) he is on a short expedition with CMDR Hagz to some nearby Herbig stars.

Website owner, designer, cause of most of the chaos around here!


You never know where he is, you never know what he is going to do and you certainly never know what he is going to say. Mainly because he does not know himself. But in short an all round exploration/trading/combat ninja who can get lost on his way to a boxing match in his local supermarket. With his faithful muttwelier at his side he is capable of anything.

My claim to fame is to have successfully avoided the deadly CMDR Gobbo666 . Often seen with his sidekick Cmdr Head_Case somewhere in space. Nowhere is too far or to high but most things are too expensive. If you see me in space i may be called CMDR Hagz or CMDR Space Cow Boy why not just say hi ?

Intrepid explorer and mangler of all things Elite

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